Where and How to Watch Anime with Japanese Subtitles (2024)

For Japanese language learners, a popular and efficient way to reinforce learning is to watch anime with Japanese subtitles. Where can we watch anime with Japanese subtitles or download Japanese subtitles for anime? This post will shed some light on this matter.

Where and How to Watch Anime with Japanese Subtitles (1) Vita | Updated on Jan 29, 2024

Anime is not only a learning material for anime fans, but also has turned out to be an enjoyable and efficient assisted tool that general Japanese language learners adopt through the whole learning period. However, many learners oversea have found that there are quite limited resources they can use for the learning purposes due to the lack of Japanese subtitle tracks in anime yet Japanese subtitles is undoubtedly, especially in the earlier stage, an essential element to learn the language from anime. How can we watch anime with Japanese subtitles? Here are some good platforms and methods you can have a try.

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Where and How to Watch Anime with Japanese Subtitles (2)

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    Part 1. Best Websites to Watch Anime with Japanese Subtitles


    Website: https://animelon.com

    Where and How to Watch Anime with Japanese Subtitles (7)

    Animelon is a dedicated anime platform for people to watch and learn Japanese in a more entertaining and interactive way. The best side of Animelon is it can display Japanese writing (Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji), Romaji and English subtitles concurrently below each anime episode. You can jump to any line of the dialogue and click each word for a translation and learning. There will also be a test based on the words you have clicked so you can check how many vocabularies you have remembered. If you have signed in, Animelon will automatically save these words in its database for your later review, as well.

    There are many subtitle and video setting options for users to change video streaming quality, choose whether to auto-play video, set playback speed, customize font size color, and style, etc. You can go to this website to learn Japanese at your own pace by watching anime.

    Tips. Anjsub (down) is a website like Animelon. It supports English and Japanese subtitles, and gives English annotations to each word of dialogue, which is useful for people to learn Janpanese from anime word for word. But Anjusb may fail to work, from time to time due to maintenance or unforeseen reasons. You can give it a try at the moment you read this post.


    Website: https://www.netflix.com/

    Where and How to Watch Anime with Japanese Subtitles (8)

    If you’re an advanced Japanese learner or just want to watch anime with Japanese subtitles without the need of accessories, a popular video streaming platform like Netflix is a good spot you can go. Whether you want to watch big names or keep your anime list up to data and enjoy the latest releases, you can always find your needed titles from the huge catalog of anime series and films on Netflix, with Japanese subbed. But due to the fact that Netflix is a region-based service, the available shows and films are varied in different countries. If you’re in Japan, you should be able to access all anime with Japanese subtitle tracks, otherwise, you may need to take advantage of a VPN server to unblock the restriction or turn to other video streaming platforms.

    Thus, you can try similar video on-demand services or anime streaming platforms like Funimation, Crunchyroll, Hulu, and VRV.

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    Part 2. Where to Download Anime Japanese Subtitles

    To be frank, very few websites aboard are committed to anime with Japanese subtitles so sometimes it is a tough task to find certain anime with Japanese subtitles. But fortunately, a lot of subtitle download websites include various Japanese subtitles for anime. To watch anime with Japanese subtitle, you can download corresponding subtitle from such a website and add it to anime manually. We have summarized a list of websites for downloading anime subtitles. Particularly, you can try the following two websites to download Japanese subtitle files.


    Website: https://kitsunekko.net/

    Where and How to Watch Anime with Japanese Subtitles (9)

    The subtitle library of Kitsunekko involves English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. Under the Japanese subtitles page, a massive collection of subtitles are listed. Press Ctrl + F, enter the anime name you want to download subtitles for, to check whether there are available results for it. If this anime is listed on the page, click it to enter the download page, and click Download all files to save the subtitles to your device. Kitsunekko is free from ads and supports batch download without sign-up.

    Where and How to Watch Anime with Japanese Subtitles (10)

    OpenSubtitles is a comprehensive subtitle sharing platform that features one of the largest subtitle databases in the world. Subtitles on OpenSubtitles cover almost all languages, video types and genres, including anime. And it always gives highly matching results to people’s each query. The only defect of OpenSubtitles, for people who are looking for anime subtitles is, there is no defined anime section, yet which can be made up with its massive library and fast response via the quick search tool.

    Part 3. How to Add Japanese Subtitles to Anime

    Since you have downloaded a Japanese subtitle for anime, it’s time to merge the subtitle with anime. To finish the task more easily and quickly, you can use WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory. This program is an all-around and easy video processing program for Windows. It supports common subtitle formats of SRT and ASS and enables users to add either soft or hardcoded subtitles to videos. Additionally, it goes with a built-in video downloader that supports over 1000 websites, which helps you download anime as well. The following is how to add a Japanese subtitle to anime with Free HD Video Converter Factory.

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    In Conclusion

    There are only a few websites that can be used to watch anime with Japanese subtitles and Animelon is a great option you can go. However, if you are struggling to find a Japanese subbed anime, you can also download Japanese subtitle files online and add them to the anime manually with Free HD Video Converter Factory. This tool is also a right tool if you want to download anime online.

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    Where and How to Watch Anime with Japanese Subtitles (2024)
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