[2024 Review] 12 Good Places to Download Anime Subtitles (2024)

Japanese anime has grown considerably overseas recent years. In order to get better understanding of favorite anime series or movies, subtitle is an important tool for foreign anime fans. In addition to streaming subbed anime online, many people also download needed subtitles and add them to anime manually. Finding subtitle downloads from the Internet can be either easy or difficult according to the subtitle website you use. It’s time to find some good options for yourself to experience anime with no shackle of foreign language. The following is detailed information of the 12 anime subtitles download websites, which is helpful for you to make a decision which one you need to use.

Disclaimer: We do not advocate downloading copyright content and use them for commercial purpose without permission. This tutorial is for personal reference only.

The 12 Anime Subtitles Websites

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OpenSubtitles is a comprehensive subtitle search and download website where you can find subtitles of almost all types of video content, including anime series and movies. The quick search bar at the top is the most effective way you can use to find specified subtitles: Enter you query, select from multiple languages, and click Search. Its Advanced search function also helps narrow the results to display more accurate results. OpenSubtitles brings about satisfying results to users’ queries in most instances. If you happen to search for a rare anime subtitle and don’t have a good luck with its search tool, its Requested subtitles section is where you can ask for help.

Once you have found right subtitles for anime, click to enter the subtitle details page, and click Download. The only defect is OpenSubtitles is loaded with ads and pop ups, yet which can be resolved by upgrading to VIP member (10 EUR for 1 YEAR).

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When it comes to best subtitle websites, Subscene makes the cut. It is characterized by massive subtitle library, simple download operation, and constant updates and also known to be a complete subtitle platform to search for and download subtitles for TV shows and movies in English, French, Greek, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and more other languages. There is a language search filter. By means of it, you can search for anime subtitle in a specified language. Displayed results will be classified into Exact, Close, and Popular. This feature can be fairly useful when you need to search for subtitles for anime with multiple seasons or OVA episodes.

Another good point of the website is the neat interface. People rarely come upon pop-ups or when downloading anime subtitles therein.

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Addic7ed is a wonderland for TV shows devotees. It owns a detailed classification of all popular TV shows in the world, especially from the West by their initials, and the accumulated TV shows are exceptionally considerable. Anime fans who have downloaded anime series without desired subtitles can take their chance on Addic7ed, as well. There are subtitles of big name anime like Cowboy Bebop, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Dragon Ball Super. Multiple languages are supported on this website.

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I promise Kitsunekko is the simplest anime website you have ever seen. The whole content of Kitsunekko is classified into four subtitle languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. Under each language, anime subtitles are listed. You can use its filter to sort subtitles by initial or upload date, in ascending or descending order. Since there is no quick search function, the most effective way to find out anime subtitle is to use the Browser Find bar.

Head to a subtitle language page on Kitsunekko, press Ctrl+F to activate the Find bar, enter the anime title and click enter. If there is a matching anime subtitle available on Kitsunekko, it will be colored.

Kitsunekko supports downloading multiple subtitle files in batches.

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Not only for separated subtitle files, Animetosho is also a place you can download BD and HD anime series and TV shows through torrent files or magnet links. If you’re after subtitle files only, just open the view page of the anime, head to the subtitle section, and download needed subtitle files. However, Animetosho doesn’t have filters to sort out subtitles. You can only take advantage of the Search function to find out an anime, then download its subtitle in English or other languages if there is one.

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This is a subtitle website devoting to English. If you have not found the English version of an anime subtitle on other platforms, give it a go. Whilst English-subtitles is primarily for TV shows and movies, some well-known anime series including Attack on Titan, Bleach, One Piece, and Psycho-Pass can be found on this website. Nevertheless, this is not a good option for people who are after an anime subtitle-dedicated platform since the options is fairly limited. English-subtitles supports SRT format only.

Add subtitles to Anime Videos

WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory is a simple tool for adding SRT and ASS subtitles to any video file and it exports videos to any common video formats you need for your devices. Free download it if you need a way to add downloaded subtitle files to anime videos on a local folder.

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Podnapisi holds a huge subtitle library consisting of multiple language subtitles for TV shows and movies. This website is completely free from ads or malware. You can use it for safety.
Its advanced search function makes it distinguish from counterparts and enables you to locate subtitles more readily. You can select a subtitle via using keywords, flags, languages, year of release, season, episode, and more other filters.

Like many other all-around subtitle websites, there are less focus on anime series and movies on Podnapisi but it still has enough high-quality subtitles for anime.

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With over 3.7 million subtitle files for TV series and movies, Subtitleshub provides more possibilities for users to find exact subtitle files. A good subtitle website usually goes with a powerful search function and Subtitleshub does well in it. For my part, the best side on Subtitleshub is it allows users to search for subtitles based on not only languages but also file formats (.sub, .srt, .txt, .ssa, .smi, etc. ). You don’t need to dig hard for specified format anymore.

As of the writing of the review, Subtitleshub has two hundred thousand subtitles for animation. In order to find out a subtitle, you can either use the quick search tool, or extend the Advanced search filters, head to By Category to browse subtitles for animation only.

9. Anisubsblog

Update: the owner of the blog has stopped uploading subtitles and started working on Fiverr.

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Anisubsblog is created by an advanced anime lover, Demonova, with aim of letting people enjoy anime more. So far, its founder has uploaded subtitles for over 400 anime series to the blog. Due to the lack of search tools, you can only take advantage of your browser Find bar to search for subtitles and the Anime list includes all available anime series you can download subtitles for. Moreover, you can submit your email and related message to request Anime subtitles from Demonova.

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Subs4free is a Greek focused subtitle download website and it contributes English subtitle files at the same time. This website is for Greek movie and TV series fans or foreigners who hope to learn Greek from film or TV works. There is no difference in the way to search for anime subtitles on Subs4free. Its quick search box has provided you with the most direct solution. Subs4free has a sister-site called Subs4series that is devoted to TV series with Greek subtitles. The choices of Anime subtitles on Subs4free is narrow but it is still a great practice to go if you have not found suitable Greek subtitles on other websites.

11. Isubtitles (Down)

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We all know how important a well-designed search bar is for finding exact results from a large quality of subtitle resource. And Isubtitles provides an efficient access to implement the search. On its Browse page, users can set up options based on country, genre, and language. Thus, in order to display anime results, you can select country as Japan or language as Japanese. By this way, most of the subtitles are from anime series and movies. Meanwhile, you can enter an anime title directly on Isubtitles when you hope to download specified subtitles.

Isubtitles covers anime subtitles in various genres and years. It’s never difficult to find and download subtitles you need on this website.

12. Subdl

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Subdl features a modern-looking and tidy user interface. It supports up to 4 languages at one time for searching. While presenting exact results, all relevant and popular anime series will also be listed below. If there are search results yet it says No subtitle for the language, you can either choose a different language or uncheck all language options, to see the available languages Subdl provides for the anime at this moment and decide whether you want to download them. The whole subtitle search and download process is simple and less-disturbing. You can have a go on Subdl.

Bottom Line

We have finished the list of 12 of the best places to download anime subtitles. Which option do you like better? We hope that you will find something useful after going through this post. If you have ever used other good anime subtitle sites, please share with us and we may add it into this list and let more people know it.

Remove Subtitles! Here is How

To deal with unwanted subtitles or watermarks embedded on videos, WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory is just a perfect solution. Apart from adding subtitles to video, it can also delete borders with hardcoded subtitles and other stuff on a video readily.

[2024 Review] 12 Good Places to Download Anime Subtitles (2024)
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