Best Pick 3 Lottery Strategy to Win - Most Accurate Guide 2023 (2024)

APick 3 lotteryis common in many countries around the world. The Pick 3 lottery strategy is also referred to as aDaily 3, Cash 3, or Play 3. This type of game is easy to play and theodds are much bettercompared to other types of lotteries likeUS PowerballorEurojackpot. But if you use a good strategy you could win great cash prizes.

In this guide, we’ve provided information onwhat a Pick 3 lotteryis andvarious methods towin the game. With these methods, you can find the best Pick 3 lottery numbers to play to improve your chances of winning some cash. Read on to find out more!


  • What Is a Pick 3 Strategy? Why Should You Use It?
  • Understanding the Basics of a Pick 3 Strategy
  • Simple Pick 3 Lottery Strategy Methods
  • How to Win Pick 3 Lottery Guaranteed?
  • Conclusion: Important Points of Pick 3 Lottery Algorithm
  • FAQs

What Is a Pick 3 Strategy? Why Should You Use It?

A Pick 3 lottery strategy uses the application of mathematics on past winning numbers to find recurring patterns. It’s a system that helps reduce the set of possible results, making it more likely that the numbers you play will appear in the draw. Such a 3-digit lottery strategy is ideal for Pick 3 games where you only select three numbers between 0 and 9. However, you can modify the Pick 3 lottery patterns to also help you identify which numbers have a good chance of winning in other lotteries.

Using a Pick 3 strategy is an alternative to opting for quick picks or choosing random numbers. Most Pick 3 lottery tips are based on:

  • Data from recent draws
  • Past results
  • Lottery mathematics

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Here are reasons why you should consider using a Pick 3 lottery method:

  • Easy to use with any lottery game, as you can use similar principles for lotteries requiring more than three numbers. Simply use Pick 3 lottery systems that work to identify at least three numbers with a good chance of being picked in the next draw.
  • Helps you determine numbers that have a greater chance of appearing in draws.
  • Pick 3 lottery strategies that are easy to understand so anyone can use them.

If you are not sure if the strategy works, you can always pick a safe option, such as a lottery bonus. With theLotter you can get up to 20% off on your lottery tickets!

Understanding the Basics of a Pick 3 Strategy

Before you decide to use the Pick 3 method it’s important to understand the basic concepts of the strategy. This is so you use the methods correctly so it doesn’t affect your chances of winning prizes. In this section, we’ve explained the fundamentals of a Pick 3 strategy.

Hot and Cold Numbers

Hot and cold numbers refer to the statistics of lottery numbers for specific games. Cold numbers are ones that have occurred less frequently in past draws. Hot numbers are the ones that have occurred more frequently in draws over a period of time.

You can easily find hot and cold numbers by visiting a lottery site and checking the results of past draws.


After learning about Pick 3 lotteries you can apply these methods to recent draws. Backtracking is useful if you want to find out if a particular system would have worked to win a prize and if it still does. You can use your strategy for results from a week back or even from two weeks prior.

You can also refer to this as Reference Numbers.

Mirror Numbers

Mirror numbers are also referred to as sister numbers. You can create mirror numbers when you add the number 5 to it.

Note that when using this strategy to play Pick 3 games, you’ll only use the last digit if the result is a two-digit number. For example, use ‘3’ if the result is ‘13’.

Here’s an example of what to do:

  • 2+5= 7 which means the mirror number of 2 is 7
  • 6+5= 11 which means the mirror number of 6 is 11
  • 11+5= 16 which means the mirror number of 11 is 16

Lottery Math

Lottery math is the same as regular mathematics, but there is a slight difference as to how you’ll finalize your results. In any strategy, you won’t borrow or carry over numbers as you would with regular math. You’ll always drop the first digit.

For example, if your strategy requires you to add 12+12 you won’t use 24. You’ll simply use the last digit in the number which is 4. It helps to reduce numbers to a single digit, which is more appropriate for Pick 3 games.

Date Sum

The date sum is the calculation of the date and the month. You don’t have to apply the year to the sum, as this will give you too many digits for Pick 3 games.

You’ll also use the guidelines of Lottery Math mentioned above. Here are examples for you to follow:

  • 27/07/2022 = 27+7= 34. Using lottery math, strike out the 3 and only use 4
  • 25/10/2021= 25+8= 35. Using lottery math, strike out the 3 and only use 5.
  • 18/05/2020= 18+5= 23. Using lottery math, strike out the 2 and only use 3.

Hit Sum

Hit sum is also known as draw sum or base sum. You’ll take drawn numbers and add them up using lottery math.

For example, if 6, 7 and 8 were drawn you’ll add them as follows:

  • 6+7+8=21 Using lottery math, you won’t carry over the 2. You’ll only use 1.

Pick 3 Sum

A Pick 3 sum is similar to a hit sum but you won’t use lottery math to reduce your number to one digit. You’ll add up all the numbers in a draw and use the result as your new lottery number.

This is an example of how you can use these strategies for any type of lottery, even if the range of numbers is beyond the 0 – 9 range.

For example, if the draw numbers were as follows this is how you’d add them:

  • 9,4,1: 9+4+1= 14. Then 14 will be the number you’ll use on your ticket.
  • 5, 11, 18= 34. Then 34 will be the number you’ll use on your ticket
  • 7, 2, 10= 19. Then 19 will be the number you’ll use on your ticket

Root Sum

A root sum is similar to the Pick 3 method where you’ll add up the draw numbers. However, if your sum results in double digits, you’ll simply add the two numbers together. For example,

  • Draw numbers 2, 25, 37: 2+25+37=64. Add 6+4=10. Add the numbers again, so you can get to a root number of 1.
  • Draw numbers 10, 11, 22: 10+11+22=43. Add 4+3=7. The 7 will be your root number.

What Not to Do When Using a Pick 3 Strategy: Pick 3 Secrets & Tips

Experts suggest when using a Pick 3 strategy avoid using extreme combinations. Some combinations rarely occur such as 0,1,2 in Pick 3 lotteries. You should also not use regular combinations such as 0,1,2,3.

Another strategy to avoid is using number combinations that have been drawn before. This is because a Pick 3 lottery only has about 1000 number combinations and many draws per year. The odds of a previous combination being drawn in the last 40 draws are extremely low. Therefore the combinations in the last 40 draws should be excluded.

Lastly, you should avoid choosing numbers from one group. Consider splitting your numbers into three groups such as 3-5, 7-10 and 11-14. The odds of three numbers appearing only in one group are low so try not to select all the numbers from one group.

Simple Pick 3 Lottery Strategy Methods

Now you know the basics of a Pick 3 lottery and strategies to avoid it. But you have to know how to implement these tips in your Pick 3 winning numbers strategy. Here are methods you should try to boost your chances of winning the big prize!

The Lotto Odds Tool

Pick 3 lottery players are excited with the new pool calculator from Lottodds. Founder and expert Pick 3 player and strategist, B. David Mehmet has developed what he’s referring to as a foolproof way to calculate the best possible predictions for the next Pick 3.

Essentially, the Lottodds tool lets you utilize pattern filters to eliminate numbers with the least chance of winning. This will leave you with the numbers that have the highest probability of appearing.

Using this strategy involves removing numbers with patterns such as odds and evens, highs and lows, and instead focusing on past results to predict the numbers that are due for a win. An auto-select button on the tool allows you to eliminate numbers based on past winners automatically. You can also create the past winners on a calendar format that helps you keep track of why certain numbers are better options at certain times. Many avid players have updated their 2024 game strategies to include the Lottodds tool as winnings with this method are not only consistent but bigger than many of the more traditional strategies.

The Pick 3 Rundown System

One of the easiest Pick 3 lottery strategies is the rundown method. You can either use a notepad or a digital document to reduce combination possibilities and to try and figure out which numbers will be drawn next. Here are rundown strategies you can use.

+1 Rundown

The first step is to find the last winning numbers in the lottery you’re playing and record them on your document. Then add 1 to each of the three numbers. For example, 2,5,4 will become 3,6,5. Keep repeating this method and remember Lottery Math (see above). Stop adding if you reach the original draw numbers. Now you have a range of combinations to choose from.

Handy tip: further eliminate numbers by avoiding hot or cold numbers.

Here is a demonstration for you.

Winning numbers from the last draw 2, 5, 4

3 6 5

4 7 6

5 8 7

6 9 8

7 0 9

8 1 0

9 2 1

0 3 2

1 4 3

2 5 4

123 Rundown

Another rundown strategy that’s easy is the 123 strategy. To start, simply write 1,2,3 on your document. Now look up the pick 3 lottery winning results for the game you’re playing. Using lottery math, add 123 to your numbers. Repeat the process until you get to your original number.

The next step is to calculate the number taken from the draw date. Then underline the lottery combination that shows the same sum of the lottery date number. Play the numbers that are next to it. Here is an example for you.

If the lottery date is 5/02/2022 – 5+2= 7.

We’ll use the same combination of 2 5 4 and keep adding 1,2,3

3 7 7

4 9 0

5 1 3

6 3 6

7 5 9

8 7 2

9 9 5

0 1 8

1 3 1

2 5 4

Use the combinations that contain the number calculated in the date sum (7 in the example above). So your possible combinations for a 123 rundown will be:

  • 3 7 7
  • 7 5 9
  • 8 7 2

317 Rundown

The 317 Rundown strategy is similar to the 123 method but you’ll use 317 to add to your draw numbers. First, find your winning numbers from your Pick 3 lottery game. Sum up the draw date of the winning numbers you’re using. Here is an example for you:

Draw date 2/03/2022 – 2+3= 5. For this demonstration, we’ll use 254 draw results

5 6 1

8 7 8

1 8 5

4 9 2

7 0 9

0 1 6

3 2 3

6 3 0

9 4 7

2 5 4

All the combinations containing the result of the date sum are:

  • 5 6 1
  • 1 8 5
  • 2 5 4

Using Automated Technology

If you don’t enjoy calculating numbers or using the rundown strategies mentioned in the previous section, you can always use automated technology to your advantage. Software is able to crunch large numbers and identify patterns accurately and faster than humans can.

There are apps you can use that can pull up past draws quickly and analyze them for you with a tap of a button. Using apps, you can reduce the pool of numbers so it makes the picking process easier for you.

Software can’t predict the exact numbers that will be drawn in the next lottery, but it’s an easy way for you to get hundreds of combinations from the numbers you choose. Ensure you use a Pick 3 app that’s:

  • User friendly
  • Easy to access
  • Affordable or free
  • Has excellent support

Look at reviews before choosing a specific app to ensure that the program is legitimate and licensed.

The Tic Tac Toe Method

Tic Tac Toe is another Pick 3 strategy that’s easy and fun to use. You can use mirrored or hot and cold numbers to create 3-digit lottery patterns. Ensure you use the original tic tac toe template for this strategy:

Best Pick 3 Lottery Strategy to Win - Most Accurate Guide 2023 (2)

To use this method with mirror numbers, start by writing down the winning numbers of the last Pick 3 draws from your chosen lottery, horizontally. For example, winning numbers from the last three draws can be:

  • 3, 2, 5
  • 7, 2, 3
  • 4, 1, 6

You can get the mirrored numbers of each digit by adding 5 to it. So, the numbers will become:

  • 8, 7, 0
  • 2, 7, 8
  • 9, 6, 1

Position these digits on a grid.


Now collect all numbers that are shown horizontally, vertically down and diagonal. For example:

  • 870, 278, 961
  • 829, 776, 081
  • 871, 970

You can also use this tic tac-toe method using hot numbers. Follow these steps:

  1. Find the hot numbers from the Pick 3 lottery you’re playing.
  2. Fill the left diagonal section with the last drawn winning numbers.
  3. Use 6 hot numbers to fill in the blank spaces
  4. For this demonstration we’ll use the 325 winning numbers and hot numbers 7, 2, 5, 9, 3, 8

Best Pick 3 Lottery Strategy to Win - Most Accurate Guide 2023 (3)

Possible results will be:

  • 372, 529, 385
  • 353, 728, 295
  • 322, 325

Charting System

For this method you can use a spreadsheet on your computer, or a piece of paper. Once again, start with the last draw’s winning sequence. Then follow these steps:

  • Create a grid (chart) of numbers as seen below, starting at 0.
  • Turn the winning sequence into three pairs of double digits.
  • Identify where on your grid the three number pairs are.
  • List the numbers that you see above and below those number pairs, as they’re positioned on your chart.
  • After narrowing it down, create new combinations of numbers using those digits.

As an example, we’ll use the winning combination of 2,4,6.

The pairs are:

  • 24
  • 46
  • 26

Numbers from which you can create new combinations:

  • 14
  • 34
  • 16
  • 36
  • 56

How to Win Pick 3 Lottery Guaranteed?

Some players will say that one specific Pick 3 strategy is the best to use but this will simply be a method that works well for them. There’s not one single method that trumps all others as the most accurate Pick 3 system. So, you can find astrategy that’s easy for you to use and works well for your specific lottery game. Some strategies will give you hundreds of combinations while others will simply reduce your number pool.

If we were to recommend the best 3 digit lottery strategy we’d say use the methods in this guide. The Tic Tac Toe method is quick, easy and fun to play. Even the Rundown methods are easy to understand. But if you don’t want to try any of them you can always use an app to do the work for you.

Conclusion: Important Points of Pick 3 Lottery Algorithm

Before you start your Pick 3 strategy it’s important to learn all the terminology and lottery mathematics so you understand all the processes involved. Ensure you follow the steps in this guide to assist you. Once you understand all the basics you’ll be able to use any Pick 3 strategy.

Pick 3 lotteries are the best games to play because they have better odds than major lotteries like Mega Millions. By using various methods you can boost your chances of winning even more. Choose one of the methods mentioned in this article that works well for your Pick 3 lottery game. Compare different approaches and see which one gets you the most cash!

Try this method on theLotter with a bonus of up to 20% off!


Does a Pick 3 lottery strategy guarantee a win?

No, unfortunately, no strategy can guarantee a lottery win and they can’t predict the exact numbers that will be drawn in a lottery. But you can use various methods to help increase your chances of winning a jackpot prize.

How do I find a Pick 3 strategy that works?

The best way to find a Pick 3 strategy that works for you is to test all of them over a few games. Try each method on at least 5 games to see which one gives you the best results. Then continue using that method and change it when it no longer works for you.

How much does a Pick 3 strategy cost?

The strategies you use can be free if you do them manually. If you use an app to determine your combinations you may need to pay. However, the actual Pick 3 game cost may vary according to the lottery you’re playing and the number of combinations you choose to use.

How to win Pick 3 everyday?

If you want to know how to win Pick 3 every time, firstly you need to realize the importance of consistency. Many Pick 3 lottery tips use the last draw’s numbers, so you can’t use the same set of results for multiple days. You need to start again and implement the strategy every day, using the new set of results from the last draw.

What is the best way to win Pick 3?

There may be Pick 3 systems that actually work, but one isn’t better than the other. All 3 digit lottery patterns give you the same chance of striking it lucky. But some are easier and quicker to implement than others.

Is Pick 3 easy to win?

Pick 3 games have great odds compared to international lotteries like Euromillions. It’s much easier to guess the correct numbers, because the number of possible combinations is much lower than lotteries that use wider number ranges and require more numbers on each ticket.

How to figure out Pick 3 numbers quickly?

The more you practice, the faster you’ll implement a Pick 3 winning numbers strategy. However, most people find the Tic Tac Toe method easy and quick.

What are the best Pick 3 numbers to play?

All numbers have the same chance of being picked for Pick 3. However, experts state that it’s wise not to use one number more than once. Double and triple combinations - where a number appears twice or three times in one draw - are less frequent than draws where all three numbers differ from each other.

How to play pick 3 lottery?

In Pick 3 lottery games you have to pick any three numbers, each one being from the number range 0 - 9. Unlike numbers in traditional lotteries like Powerball, some or all the numbers can be the same. Vendors allow you to use Quick Pick or select your own numbers.

How to beat the pick 3 lottery?

The Pick 3 lottery games will always be games of luck. However, you can try strategies as a way to find lucky numbers. Avoid tactics like picking consecutive numbers, as there’s little likelihood of a draw having such an outcome.

Best Pick 3 Lottery Strategy to Win - Most Accurate Guide 2023 (2024)
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