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Pick 3 is a common lottery game in many states, highly popular because of how easy and simple it is. The odds are much better compared to other lotteries.

Whether people prefer to call it Daily 3, Play 3 or Cash 3, they all refer to the same game with odds of 1 in 1000. That is not high compared to the prizes that are worth something in games like Powerball or EuroMillions. Although it is a game of luck and chance, using the right strategy to play Pick 3 can improve your odds of winning.

In this article, we have provided a detailed description of the best Pick 3 strategies that will help you identify number patterns, so you can win big cash prizes! Continue reading to find out more.

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🎰 What is a Pick 3 Strategy?

A Pick 3 strategy is a method that involves the use of simple mathematics on past winning numbers to identify recurring patterns. The method generates possible results in a limited pool. Although it is impossible to predict one single and exact result, using it gives players confidence and guidance in choosing their numbers.

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Your choice is based on:

  • Lottery math
  • Past results
  • Data from recent draws

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Why Use a Pick 3 Strategy?

  • It is easy to use and understand. You do not have to be a math genius to implement it.
  • It helps you determine numbers that have greater chances of occurring.
  • It helps to reduce the pool of possible results.
  • It gives you a sense of control as you play.
  • Your chances of winning are much higher when you use the right strategy.

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🕹️ Understanding the Basic Concepts of Pick 3 Strategy

To use a Pick 3 strategy, you must first understand the terms used. Without proper understanding of the basic concepts of Pick 3 strategies, you cannot use them to improve your odds of winning. We have explained everything you need to know in clear terms.

✅ Glossary and Explanations

  • Backtrack: After learning the strategies for Pick 3, players can apply them to recent draws. That is useful to figure out if a particular system would have resulted in winnings and might still do.
  • Cold numbers: These are absent from the most recent draws and rarely appear.
  • Date Sum: Ignore the year and sum the day and month of a draw using lottery calculation.

For example:

28/06/2023 = 28+6 = 34

Using lottery math, strike out 3 and use only 4.

  • Detailed Sum: When you add the two digits of a Pick 3 Sum if there are two. This is also known as Root sum.

For example:

Using Draw numbers 3, 25, 33

3+25+33= 61

Add 6+1= 7

Therefore, the Detailed sum is 7.

  • Draw Sum: Sum of all numbers in the draw result using lottery calculation. Draw sum is also known as Hit sum or Base sum.

For example: Using Draw number 692

6+9+2 = 17.

Using lottery math, strike out 1, and use only 7.

  • Hot numbers: Numbers that are commonly appearing in past draws.
  • Lottery calculation: Lottery calculation or Lottery math is the same as normal math, but you won’t borrow or carry a number over.

For example:

Normal math: 5+7 = 12

Lottery math: 5+7 = 2

In lottery calculation, you strike out the first number and use the last number.

  • Pick 3 Sum: The sum of the Pick 3 winning combination using normal math.

For example:

Draw number 384

3+8+4 = 15

  • Sister numbers: Numbers that result from the addition of 5 to any other number, using lottery calculation. They are also called mirror numbers.

For example: Draw number 327

3 + 5 = 8

2 + 5 = 7

7 + 5 = 12. Using lottery math, 12 becomes 2.

Therefore, the sister number of 327 is 872.

✅ Best Pick 3 Systems that Actually Work

Now that you’ve understood the basic concepts, the next step is studying the best Pick 3 strategies that work. The strategies are established after various studies and trials from experts.

We recommend that you take your time to study the various Pick 3 strategies properly before you pick one that you believe is best suited for you.

✅ Rundown Strategies

The Rundown strategies are easy to understand and use. Get a piece of paper or a digital notepad and write down your number combinations so you can figure out what numbers to draw.

  • +1 Rundown or 111

The +1 Rundown method is simple and should be applied to the latest Pick 3 lottery winning numbers in your state:

1. Get the winning numbers, e.g., Florida’s Pick 3 from February 24, 2021, was 663.

2. Add 1 to each number in a row below it.

3. Continue until reaching the draw number again, using lottery calculation. See the example below:

6 6 3
7 7 4
8 8 5
9 9 6
0 0 7
1 1 8
2 2 9
3 3 0
4 4 1
5 5 2
6 6 3

4. Every combination between the rows with the draw number should be in your pool of possibilities. In this example: 774, 885, 996, 007, 118, 229, 330, 441, and 552.

5. Alternatively, you may apply another valid lottery strategy to reduce the pool. Choosing the combinations that include the hot numbers of that given lottery is one good example.

  • +1 / -1 Rundown

The +1 / -1 Rundown Pick 3 strategy is a popular approach that involves manipulating numbers by adding or subtracting one from each digit to identify potential winning combinations:

1. Get the last draw in your state. In this example, we will use the Day results of the Texas Pick 3 lottery on February 24, 2021: 873.

2. Add 1 to each number a total of four times, and then subtract 1 from the draw number the same number of times:

8 7 3
9 8 4
0 9 5
1 0 6
2 1 7
8 7 3
7 6 2
6 5 3
5 4 2
4 3 1

3. This strategy only uses the last row of each rundown, resulting in two valid combinations. Therefore, 217 and 431. If the player wants an alternative with a bigger pool, using their sister numbers is also a good choice:

2 1 7
7 6 2
4 3 1
9 8 6

4. The resulting pool would be 217, 431, 762, and 986.

  • 123 Rundown

The 123 Rundown is a well-known Pick 3 strategy that involves a systematic approach of adding one to the first digit, two to the second digit, and three to the third digit to create a series of potential winning number combinations:

1. Quite similar to the previous strategies, select the latest draw in your state, e.g., the evening draw of California Pick 3 on February 23, 2021: 383

2. Add 123 in a rundown until reaching the same number:

3 8 3
4 0 6
5 2 9
6 4 2
7 6 5
8 8 8
9 0 1
0 2 4
1 4 7
2 6 0
3 8 3

3. Now, all those numbers between the two “383” rows could be part of your prize pool. As an alternative, consider calculating the Date Sum using the concept below:

Date Sum: 02-23, 02+23=5 using lottery calculation.

4. Highlight the 5 in the rundown results and use the numbers that are adjacent to it to build combinations:

4 0 6
5 2 9
6 4 2
7 6 5
8 8 8
9 0 1
0 2 4
1 4 7
2 6 0

5. Some players collect diagonal results, and others take horizontal combinations. Try to apply the backtracking method and see which one works better.

  • 238 Rundown

The 238 Rundown is a widely used Pick 3 strategy that employs a structured method of adding two to the first digit, three to the second digit, and eight to the third digit to generate a range of potential winning number combinations:

1. Instead of adding, subtract 238 from the winning draw. For our example, we considered the NJ Lottery Pick 3 game from February 23, 2021: 534.

5 3 4
7 6 2

2. According to the 238 Rundown strategy, the next Pick 3 lottery draws can result in 762 if backtrack shows that this method seems to be working.

  • 317 Rundown

The 317 Rundown is a popular strategy utilized in Pick 3 games, involving a systematic approach of adding three to the first digit, one to the second digit, and seven to the third digit:

1. Using the results of the Virginia Pick 3 lottery from February 24, 2021: 161, we applied the 317 Rundown strategy.

2. Add 317 to the draw number and the subsequent numbers until reaching the resulting number again.

1 6 1
4 7 8
7 8 5
0 9 2
3 0 9
6 1 6
9 2 3
2 3 0
5 4 7
8 5 4
1 6 1

3. The possible pool would be 478, 785, 092, 309, 616, 923, 230, 547, and 854. To reduce it, players may try to apply the hot and cold numbers strategy.

✅ Pick 3 Software

Even though all formulas involved in a Pick 3 strategy are straightforward, they can get simpler even when using lottery calculation. There are automatic online tools out there that work as Pick 3 software.

In other words, they generate possible results, not random combinations, based on past draws and using methods. In theory, that increases the odds by about 600% without needing to buy more tickets.

Players should be aware that no software can predict lottery numbers that are 100% sure to win. This would lead to the collapse of the lottery system.

An example of a Pick 3 software is Pick3Sniper.

Some of the reasons that lead lottery players to use the software as part of their Pick 3 strategy are:

  • Low cost
  • Intuitive platform and active support
  • Responsive layout and mobile accessibility
  • No download required

✅ Tic-Tac-Toe with Sister Numbers

The Tic-Tac-Toe Pick 3 strategy differs from the rundown methods but is also fairly easy to understand. Simply follow the steps to build your own grid of possibilities:

1. We collected the three past drawings (Feb 21 – 23, 2021) from Washington’s Pick 3 Lottery: 262, 045, and 436.
2. Then, it is necessary to collect the sister numbers of those combinations:

2 6 2 = 7 1 7
0 4 5 = 5 9 0
4 3 6 = 9 8 1

3. Build a 3×3 grid like a Tic-Tac-Toe, horizontally distributing with the most recent results on the top:

4. The pool of possible draw combinations should be taken from the horizontal, vertical, and diagonal numbers. Therefore:

  • Diagonal: 791 and 997
  • Vertical: 759, 198, and 701
  • Horizontal: 717, 590, and 981

5. If you want to change things a bit and try alternatives, try to combine those numbers with one of the rundown strategies.

✅ Other Pick 3 Strategies

If you’re opting for other methods that are not mentioned in this article, be sure to make in-depth research before using them. Backtracking is a good way to test them before betting.

Some Pick 3 strategies that also work include:

  • Position tracking
  • 222 rundown
  • One-number Guaranteed
  • Even Odd Pairs

Using only the last two draws of the month to build a 123 or 317 rundown is another strategy that can be applied with the knowledge you have gathered here. Or perhaps finding another rundown strategy, even if with other names.

The safest choice is to combine those strategies above and perhaps use the software, one rundown, and the tic-tac-toe methods to generate your lucky combination.

👍 Best Pick 3 Strategy Tips to Play Lotteries

  • Always use the backtracking method to verify what strategies are working. Do not worry about spending a few minutes, Pick 3 draws occur all the time.
  • There is nothing wrong with testing variations of the indicated strategies, as long as it makes sense.
  • Working once does not guarantee any Pick 3 strategy will work in the future. Therefore, remember to alternate and do not get too confident.
  • Regardless of the lottery, it will always be a game of chance. There is no certainty involved.

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What to Avoid When Using a Pick 3 Strategy

There are many mistakes players make when using a Pick 3 strategy. Below is a list of mistakes we recommend that you avoid.

  • Avoid using previous number combinations. The odds of Pick 3 are 1 in 1000, and the probability of winning with the same number combination from the past is extremely low.
  • Avoid using regular number combinations such as 0,1,2,3.
  • Avoid using numbers in the same group. Separate numbers into groups and pick a number from each group. For example, group 1-15 into 3-5, 6-10, 11-15.

🏆 How to Win Using a Pick 3 Strategy?

The best way to win using a Pick 3 strategy is to apply the strategies correctly. That means to backtrack all possibilities, reduce the pool of combinations to the maximum possible extent, and be persistent. After all, any player might decide to stop right before choosing the right numbers to get the prize.

And, of course, never opt for “all or nothing”. Parsimony is the key, especially to simple and recurrent games. Apply different types of Pick 3 strategies and accept that winning is not guaranteed.

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Final Thoughts – What is the Best Pick 3 Strategy?

The optimal Pick 3 strategy can differ based on the player’s preferences and the specific state in which they are playing. Different strategies may yield varied results, with certain methods proving successful in one location but not in another. It is important for players to consider their individual profiles and weigh the pros and cons of each strategy to find the approach that best suits their needs and circ*mstances.

It should be noted that no strategy will give you a sure win. Pick a strategy that is easy and fun for you to use.


You may win every time you play Pick 3 with odds of 1 in 10 to 1 in 1,000, depending on your bet choice. However, it is a simple matter of luck, and there is nothing you can do to make it happen.

Absolutely not. If there were a way to trick the lottery, games like Pick 3 would not even exist anymore. It is all about luck and strategies can only give you a method to play it.

Of course, the same randomness that prevents you from positively influencing the results makes it impossible to affect your odds negatively.

Pick 3 games tend to be quite affordable, about $1 per game, which is far, considering the odds of winning up to $500.

Since the online Pick 3 games are merely a virtual way of choosing numbers, as you do with the paper version, you will do just the same.

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